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One must do good while trying to do well. If we are to honor our communities as well as the land, we must pave the way for healthy, responsible growth by fostering practices that take care of Oaxaca, a place and a people that many of us have come to deeply love. Sombra Mezcal is a proud member of 1% For The Planet, donating at least 1% of sales to certified environmental charities and local educational initiatives in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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Every bottle of Sombra makes a difference.


Traditionally, spent agave fibers, left over after fermentation and distillation, are dumped into local waterways, along with the acidic liquid byproduct, which is approximately 10 times the volume of liquor produced.


To break that cycle and move toward zero waste, Sombra developed a technique to combine the two forms of waste to create adobe bricks. The bricks are being used to build houses in villages that have been impacted by recent earthquakes.

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Our Sustainability Initiatives


Natural Cultivation:

Agave is grown naturally in the high mountain sunshine of Oaxaca.

Water Conservation:

Rainwater is collected from the roof, stored in underground tanks, and used to cool our condensate lines.

Sustainable Forestry:

Firewood for the earthen ovens is sourced from certified forests.


Agave byproducts are compressed into strong adobe bricks for local housing.

Clean Energy:

Solar panels are installed on the distillery roof and provide power to much of our distillery.

Energy Efficiency:

Copper stills are insulated to reduce energy consumption.

Energy Innovation:

Agave byproducts are being explored for use as biofuel.

Animal Rights:

Agave is crushed with an electrically-powered millstone instead of animal labor.

Community Support:

We fund local education in languages and the arts with the "Opening Doors" after-school program.

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See our sustainable process for making Mezcal:


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