The Palenque


Sombra was founded to create delicious artesenal mezcal that would also be good for the land and benefit the community. In Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca, a team came together to bring this vision of a sustainable palenque to life.


Led by director general John Sean Fagan, Wilfrido Santiago Marcial, and Martha Jimenez Cardoso; each step of production, from fermentation to distillation, has been reimagined to reduce its environmental impact, including the Sombra Adobe Brick project, which upcycles distillation waste into adobe bricks to build homes for those in need.

We believe we are only as strong as our team and are proud to have employees from Mixe and central Valley regions, in addition to mezcal lovers from across the globe working with us to create award-winning mezcal. Since we began we have also given back to the future of the Matatlan through "Opening Doors", a free after-school program that hosts biweekly classes for children to learn Zapotec and English language, computer skills, and dance.

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