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Fire, Rock, Earth

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Sombra Mezcal is made from Espadín agave, hand-harvested on the steep slopes of the Oaxacan Sierra. The agave hearts are buried in an earthen pit where they slowly roast over hot rocks. The agave are then crushed by a mechanical limestone tahona, fermented with only native yeast, and expertly distilled. The byproducts of the distillation are then upcycled into adobe bricks to rebuild earthquake damaged homes.

Sombra Mezcal is a truly handcrafted spirit that respects the traditions of Oaxaca, while elevating production methods to be sustainable and responsible for the local environment and local economy.

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In the mountains near San Juan and San Luis del Rio near Oaxaca, we harvest Espadín agave at elevations up to 8,000 feet. We believe that elevation is key and have found the higher we go in the Sierra, the more elegant the resultant spirit.


We purchase fair-trade agave and have long-term relationships with local farmers.



After growing 7 to 10 years, agave plants are harvested and the piñas (agave hearts) are baked for four days in rock-lined pits over hot rocks, heated by intense oak fire.


Sombra uses certified wood from sustainable tree farms.



After roasting, the baked piñas are crushed under a large limestone wheel called a tahona.


Tahonas are traditionally pulled by a donkey or horse, but at Sombra we use a mechanical tahona powered by our rooftop solar panels.



The crushed & roasted agave is placed in wooden vats and fermented with wild yeasts (no chemical accelerants) for 8 days. The fermented agave juice & fibers are distilled twice in copper pot stills.


We use an enclosed flame system for employee health and to cool the outsides of the condensation vats.




The Sombra Adobe Brick Project combines spent agave fibers and vinasa (liquid left over from the distillation) with earth and lime to make adobe bricks.


The bricks are used to build local homes in Mexico for those in need.




Sombra Mezcal is bottled at 90 proof. Each bottle is crafted from recycled glass in Mexico, and labels are applied by hand.


Our bottles can be reused for water, juice or mixers.


How To Drink


Sombra Mezcal can be enjoyed by sipping straight or in cocktails. Using Mezcal in traditional Tequila cocktails works well, but Mezcal is a versatile base spirit that adds an extra dimension of savory, smoky character & depth to mixed drinks.


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